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Edmonton housing data reveals that the average number of days a home stays on the market is 42 days.

However, for those looking for more flexibility and less financial burden of moving out into their own space, renting is a better option. Buying a home is a cumbersome task that can take a toll on your finances and, for some, even their emotions. 

To make it easier on yourself and maintain the same lifestyle, you should consider renting instead. It can be a more accessible option because you don’t have to wait several years to save up for a down payment. It’s hassle-free living, albeit with its own set of challenges but easier than owning a house. Here are some reasons to convince you to rent your dream home instead of buying it. 

Avoid The Financial Burden Of Owning A Home 

When you own a home, it’s not only the smaller expenses that pile up to overpower your spending budget. Sometimes essential renovations such as roof replacement and repairs can mount up to high costs. 

When you rent a home, you don’t have to set aside a budget for repairs, renovations, or modifications because maintenance is not your responsibility. 

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You Save Up On Renter’s Insurance 

Renter’s insurance fees vary for each insurance provider, but it’s still significantly more affordable than homeowner’s insurance. If you want to move in and live comfortably, renting a property may be the more financially viable option. 

You Don’t Have To Make A Down Payment 

It takes people several years just to save up enough for a down payment for a home. In the current uncertain economy, it may be better to ditch homeownership and get your dream home on rent instead.

In that case, you only have to worry about a security deposit, which will be less than allotting money to closing costs on top of a down payment. 

Just because you’re renting a property, doesn’t mean it doesn’t have to feel like home. Prioritizing a space that makes you feel like a part of a community should be your mandate. If you’re looking for help to find a home to settle into, we can help you find luxury 2-bedroom condos for rent in Edmonton and become a part of a community. From cheap bachelor apartments to 3-bedroom safe havens, we make sure to facilitate the process for you and meet your needs and requirements. For more information about our properties, feel free to contact us today!