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You’re finally moving out and entering a new phase of your life. You’re about to rent a home and can’t wait to have your own living space and live by your rules.

There are a lot of strings that come attached to independence. You have to learn to manage your own home and discover several chores that someone used to magically take care of for you (thanks, mom).

If you don’t want to end up overwhelmed with the sudden responsibility or blindsided with the rental agreement later, here are some questions you should raise before taking the step.

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How Much Is The Rent?

This seems like an obvious question, but it leads to several other more important questions such as: Are you financially stable enough to move out and live on your own? Will you need a roommate? Ask how much you will need to pay in the first month and whether you need to pay a bulk amount in advance.

Will You Need To Pay For Utilities As Well?

If the rent seems too high, it may include utilities as well. Confirm if that’s the case and which utilities you will pay for, including waste, gas, WiFi, cable, trash pick up, electricity, water, and heat/air-conditioning. How often does the landlord opt for HVAC maintenance?

Inquire About The Security Deposit

A security deposit is an essential condition for moving in because it acts as collateral for the landlord if you pull out of the lease of there is damage. Ask how much the deposit is and ensure that there are no special provisions in the lease agreement that lets your landlord keep your money.

What Are The Terms Of The Lease?

Residential leases usually last for at least 12 months, but terms may differ from situation to situation. Make sure that you ask how long the terms are for, so you can a) budget your expenses accordingly, and b) stay protected from any changes in rent.

Paying lease monthly may offer more flexibility, but it makes your situation more vulnerable.

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