Blue Quill Pointe


LiveTreo serves humans from all walks and all backgrounds. We deliver quality spaces for you and your family to live, and nurture communities people love to call home.

Our team of experts will attentively and responsively serve you. We take seriously the fact that your home is among the most important places for you and your family. We are not perfect, but we are relentlessly committed to helping you find and experience home.

Our Foundation

Live Treo is an organization of people who believe that every human being is intrinsically and immeasurably valuable. Out of the fertile soil of this belief rises the personal and organizational traits that we value deeply and strive daily to embody.  

Our Values

We promise to strive daily to embody the following values. We are not perfect, but we are committed to being…

Kindness starts with us, and continues with you...

Each of our team members will strive to interact with kindness. Why? It’s simple. This is how we want to be treated. We believe this is how most humans want to be treated. Therefore, humans SHOULD be treated with kindness.

Not only that, but we also believe that relationships built on kindness lead to mutual understanding, higher trust, and better experiences for everyone.

Is it possible to do a good job without paying attention?

“Measure twice, cut once.”

“Anything worth doing is worth doing right.”

“Where there is no order, there is confusion.”

High quality human experience begins with a commitment to paying close attention to details that matter. Our human languages are full of proverbs exhorting us to look closely at details, and attend carefully to them.

Also, getting it right the first time is just way more fun.

Who would you hire to climb a tree? A squirrel of course...

When you ask for help, you likely want an expert response. Little is more frustrating than walking away from an interaction not feeling confident that the person you were speaking with is capable of helping you.

By contrast, little is more encouraging, or even inspiring, than dealing with a truly attentive expert. We’ve all had those experiences of our day being transformed positively and unexpectedly by a bank teller, or grocery store clerk, who went out of their way to get the job done, and done right.

We want you to have THAT kind of experience.

We are accountable. You are accountable.

Humans are social creatures. Our society functions when we can count on each other to do what we say we will do.

How many times should a promise be broken? We think zero times.

Sometimes we make mistakes and fail to follow through. When that happens, we will make it right.

Humans respond to humans that respond.

Call us. Send an email. Shoot us a text. Stop by the office.

When you have a concern, let us know. We will take care of it.

Our expert team members will make sure they understand your concern, agree with you on a plan to address it, and then we will get it done.

You did read that correctly. We will get it done.

Tree Lines

Put us to the test; please connect with us about one of our communities.

We would love to help you find a home and settle in to one of our communities. We say community, because our properties are more than just properties. They are places that people love to live. Good neighbours, good locations, caring management and support.

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