Living in a studio apartment takes some getting used to because your entire home is just one room.

The kitchen, bedroom, and living room are in the same space with absolutely no partitioning – something many people struggle with if they lived in a condo or townhouse. However, this strange experience isn’t a bad thing – it’s something new that you’ll get used to in just about no time. Let’s not forget about a studio apartment’s– these are about $200 cheaper than a 1-bedroom apartment.

Before you relocate into a studio apartment, you should think about how it will change your life. Your living space has a crucial role in determining the quality of life – for example, many people are uncomfortable with sleeping in the same space as their kitchen. You must also think of whether you’re ready to live like that, among other considerations.

Some things you should know about living in a studio apartment are:

It’s Not So Bad Sleeping in The Living Room

While it might be weird to see your kitchen from your bed or being acutely aware that this is the same space you have dinner in – you’ll get used to it. Humans, generally, are very adaptable, and a few nights in, it won’t bother you as much as the first time around.

Consider Creating Spaces Yourself

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Just because the interior isn’t divided into separate spaces, does not mean you can’t do it yourself. If you think dedicated spaces are essential for your day-to-day activities, then you should go ahead and try to decorate in a way that differentiates different areas.

Furniture placement, adding things like a work desk or coffee table can get the job done equally as well as a wall. It’s all about how you see the space rather than how the space is divided.

Decluttering Is Absolutely Important

It’s crucial to keep your studio apartment clear of clutter because this spillover will overwhelm you. Making the most of your studio apartment requires a minimalist lifestyle and some order because of your limited space. You should make a list of things that you can’t live without and consider getting rid of everything else.

We also suggest that you rent out a separate storage unit for that extra storage space – especially if you don’t want to get rid of belongings.

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