Edmonton is by far one of the most pleasant places to live in throughout Canada. It’s recently come to light as one of the most commercially active regions in the country, with a thriving nightlife, consistent community uplifting efforts, and some of the best safety statistics.

For these reasons, it has also become one of the most highly-demanded real estate markets across all of Canada. Just last year, real estate sales in the city rose by 55% compared to 2018, and despite the effects of COVID-19 – the market is expected to bounce back.

This might be the best time to invest in the Edmonton real estate market before it rebounds. Looking past the financial prospects of a home in the city, though the city offers many reasons for relocating.

1. No Provincial Sales Taxes

One of the advantages of living in Edmonton is the provincial exemption from sales tax payments. The most recent reports suggest that Alberta has a $14.4 billion tax advantage over other Canadian provinces.

Although this is true of all cities in Alberta, the fact that people in Edmonton have higher wages compared than most other cities in the province – you can save a lot of money from this exemption.

What we mean is, moving to Edmonton could be the break you need to enhance your wealth and build a stable financial future.

2. Abundant Natural Beauty

Despite being a thriving metropolis, the people of Edmonton have managed to preserve much of the surrounding natural beauty. The city is one of the largest urban parkland in Northern America – nearly 20 times the size of Central Park, New York. Additionally, the city sees about 16 hours of sun during the summers – only adding to the natural beauty of the city.


3. Accessibly From Across Canada

Edmonton is geographically located to connect all of Canada– its central location allows easy commute by train to any place you want in the country. This accessibility is enhanced by the well-developed road and rail connections that make travel easy.

4. The Cultural Center of Canada

Even though Calgary is the larger of the two cities in Alberta, Edmonton’s prestige has made it into the cultural center of Canada too. The city is host to countless local and international festivals that welcome countless tourists throughout the year. If you’re looking to experience the wonders of globalization and enrich your life perspectives – Edmonton is the place to be.

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